We are so excited to welcome you into the ANWAN Regenerative Center family serving North Metro Atlanta. Whether you want solutions in alternative medicine for a pre-existing condition, or you want to maximize your health and wellness for a more fully lived life, our team is excited to partner with you in your journey to wellness.

Here at ANWAN, we recognize that every patient is a unique individual when it comes to who they are as a person, their lifestyle, and their overall health. We tailor our solutions to your specific health needs, diligently focus to identify imbalances in your system, and develop natural solutions that help you live a revitalized life. Whether you want someone to walk through a healthy detoxification program with you, are curious about bio-identical hormones replacement, or you simply wish to embrace our natural anti-aging options, ANWAN is here to serve you. We want to help you live a better, fuller, longer life by maximizing your health potential.

Our Services include:

The ANWAN Regenerative Center, isn’t the typical doctor’s office. We aren’t just itching to give you a prescription drug and get you out the door again. Our team is dedicated to taking the time to get to know you and understand you. Our solutions come from a thorough set of specialty testing meant to evaluate and identify imbalances related to digestion, skin, hormones, thyroid function, and more. While you may not be sick enough to need medication or surgery in any one area—or perhaps you are—identifying risk areas and following up with step-by- step plans to tackle them allows us to get you to a better and healthier quality of life. Ours is not a solution of taking a pill to try and feel better for now, but rather to identify root causes of certain symptoms and alleviating those symptoms at the source using natural techniques and treatments whenever possible.

Our approach is multifocal. We are interested as much in what goes into your body as how you manage stress, and ensuring proper amount of exercise. Saying yes to our approach means saying yes to a partnership. We are ready to be that voice encouraging you towards healthier choices, opening your eyes to aspects of health that you can manage daily. For questions about our treatments, or the many different conditions we can help with, call us today to schedule a consultation and let us get started helping you on the road to better health.