Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

At ARC we feature Forever Young BBL (Broad Band Light) from Sciton. Forever Young BBL uses pulse light treatment for skin rejuvenation. BBL uses hundreds of colors of light to target multiple skin cells at the same time. So acne, age spots, freckles can be targeted and treated. This causes skin to look clearer, smoother, lighter and healthier than a skin treated using a different technology. Forever Young BBL is credited with actually turning back the hands of time and can reverse signs of aging. It is a noninvasive procedure, with little or no down time. It is the closest we’ve come to the Fountain of Youth! This noninvasive procedure is done here at ANWAN Regenerative Center. Forever Young BBL Technology is safe to treat all types, even darker skin tones. Two to three minutes to treat the back of the hand, about 15 minutes on the face. Forever Young BBL can be used all over the body, on all parts of the skin. We recommend Forever Young BBL even for people in their 30’s who just want to stay looking young.

Sciton is one of the premier manufacturers of lasers and light sources in the industry. We use the Sciton Joule machine. The Joule is a revolutionary platform incorporating OptiPlex technology that, for the first time, enables the delivery of energy through an articulated arm, fiber, or pulsed light hand piece in a single system. We also have BBL (Broadband Light) capability that offers a full range of pulsed-light treatments, including rejuvenation applications that target the effects of photo-aging, such as brown spots, tiny broken vessels, and other benign lesions.

At ARC we focus on:

  • Photofacials (removal of pigments, hair, veins and tightening of the skin and neck)
  • Pigment Removal (without skin tightening)
  • Hair Reduction
  • Acne/Razor Bump Removal
  • Age Spot Removal
  • Skin Tightening
  • Spider Veins

Sciton Treatments - Permanent Hair Reduction

Sciton ClearScan YAG 1064

Before and After Treatments



Age Spots


Tightening of Neck and Chin

Facial Veins

Razor Bumps


Tightening of Abdomen

Spider Veins