Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still need health insurance?
Yes. Concierge Medicine memberships do not take the place of health insurance coverage. You should continue your PPO, Medicare or other insurance coverage.

Are you a provider for Medicare?
Yes. We are a participating provider for Medicare, However, because we are an integrative practice some of our procedures are not covered by Medicare and you will have to pay out of pocket.

What exactly is covered by the membership fee? What services are billed to insurance?
The annual membership fee specifically covers the unlimited 30-90 minute consultations at the Center. All treatments and visits are still billed to insurance. The patient remains responsible for any co-payments, deductibles, etc. required by their insurance carrier for such visits.

Do you have payment plans?
The annual fee is due in one lump sum payment for new members. However, payment arrangements can be made if requested for existing members in two or three installments only.

Do I still need to pay a co-pay?
Co-pays are waived when the membership fee is paid in full and the patient is seen in the Regenerative Center. Otherwise, first consultations are $399. Follow-up consultations are $249.

Deductibles may be collected if a procedure is not offered in the Regenerative Center and performed in the regular practice (ANWAN Medical Center. See If seen in the regular practice both copay and deductible are due at time of visit.

Is my concierge fee tax deductible?
Your fee may be reimbursable from a HealthCare Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account and as such may be tax deductible, but you are advised to consult with your tax preparer or accountant.

Can I use my Health Savings Account?
You should be able to apply funds in your HSA to most if not all services and supplies provided to you. However, we always recommend you consult with your tax preparer or accountant.

Can I submit my annual fee to my insurance company for reimbursement?
Most standard health insurance carriers do not pay for the membership fees.

Do I still use my insurance coverage for routine and episodic visits?
The office will continue to bill your insurance company for routine visits normally billed by doctors’ offices. Members are not required to pay any additional fees to the office.

What about lab, X-ray, specialists’ fees and hospitalization?
These costs are neither covered by your membership fee, nor billed by the clinician’s office. All these and other services will be billed by the healthcare entity performing the services and should be covered as “in-network” benefits. You should check with your insurance company directly regarding these services.

What about prescription medicines?
Prescription medications are the patients’ responsibility and are usually covered by a separate prescription drug plan.  Your clinician works with you to get the most optimal coverage of prescriptions possible under your plan coverage.

What do I do if I have an Emergency?
For a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. Once you have gotten immediate medical help, contact your Concierge Medicine Clinician (or have a family member call) as soon as possible so they can quickly step in to provide and coordinate appropriate medical care and referrals.
For non-life-threatening emergencies (such as Urgent Care), contact your Clinician’s Office first by phone, email, or text to inform your Clinician about the urgent or emergent problem you are having.

Who provides medical coverage when my Clinician is not available?
In the event that your Clinician is unavailable due to illness or vacation, your care will be reasonably and professionally handled by the office staff via: direct contact by email, or text, or by the use of colleagues within ANWAN Regenerative Center.

Can I get a refund if I terminate my relationship early?
No. Your enrollment is annual and nonrefundable.

Why is ANWAN Regenerative Center a Concierge Practice?
Dr. Christie, President and Medical Director of ANWAN realized that he could not effectively give patients the time and attention they deserved, therefore he created the ANWAN Regenerative Center. The focus there is to give patients longer visits, less wait time, a pleasant environment where they feel that they are being treated with the utmost care. You deserve our fullest attention to every detail of your healthcare. A concierge practice is a way of limiting the number of total patients in a medical practice, so that the doctor can spend more time with each individual patient.

Why is an Annual Enrollment Fee required?
The Annual Enrollment Fee is a membership fee to ensure limited patient enrollment, which optimizes the doctor to patient ratio.

Does our health insurance cover the Annual Enrollment Fee?
Commercial insurance plans do not cover the Annual Enrollment Fee.

Can the Annual Enrollment Fee be applied to our deductible?
The Annual Enrollment Fee cannot be applied to your insurance deductible.

I am a Medicare patient. How does our insurance plan apply to their program?
Although Medicare rules and guidelines are quite complicated, Medicare patients may join our practice. However, most of our services are not covered by Medicare so members will have to pay out of pocket.

Why do I have to pay an enrollment fee just to be able to see my doctor, in addition to paying my insurance deductible or co-pay?
The annual membership fee specifically covers the office visit consultations. The patient/member remains responsible for any co-payments, deductibles, etc. required by their insurance carrier for such visits.

Does each person in a household have to pay the enrollment fee? Is there a maximum number of fees charged per household?
Yes, each individual wishing to be treated by the Concierge Provider will need to enroll in a concierge plan, regardless of relationship or number of family members in their household.  However, there is a discount of 25% if 2 or more family members join at the same time.

Can I join Concierge Medicine at a later time?
Concierge enrollment is permitted year-round.

What are the benefits of membership in this practice?

  • Limited patient enrollment
  • Enhanced communication access to your doctor via mobile phone, texting, and email
  • Office visits that start on time and last as long as needed
  • Same-day appointment availability
  • Annual Comprehensive Wellness Examination
  • Our continued commitment to personalized care with an emphasis on wellness and prevention
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Coordination of specialty referrals
  • Fitness consultations
  • Nutrition consultations

What is included in the Annual Comprehensive Wellness Examination?

  • Collection & review of medical history
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Stool examination for blood
  • EKG
  • Urinalysis
  • Vision Exam (if indicated)
  • Review of laboratory testing

Services that are not covered by the Annual Enrollment Fee include: testing at outside facilities such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound exams, MRI/CT scans, colonoscopy, heart stress tests, etc.

If I only come to the doctor a few times a year, what are the benefits of joining Concierge Medicine?
We believe health and prevention of disease should be a top priority. As one ages, there tends to be a greater need for healthcare. We believe this is a wise investment in your health. As you will find, many physicians are moving to a concierge style of practice in order to better serve a smaller number of patients.

How do I enroll in Concierge Medicine?
You can enroll by calling 678-822-9554 and scheduling an appointment with the office manager. Visit our site at

NonMembers FAQ

How much is the initial consultation price for new patients to the ARC?
The initial consultation price for new patients is $399.00. Labs and other procedures are billed to the insurance.

What is the cash price for patients who do not have insurance for their initial consultation?
Patients are expected to pay $399.00 for the initial consultation. Lab fees can range anywhere from $250 – $400, depending on the types of labs that are required. Contact the manager to see if you qualify for special payment considerations.

What is the cost of the initial consultation for existing ANWAN patients who want to see the physician from the ARC?
The cost for existing patients for their initial consultation is $125.00 with insurance. If the existing patient does not have insurance, the cost of the visit is $249.

What is the cost for follow-up consultations?
All patients are charged $249 for their follow-up consultations. Contact the manager to see if you qualify for special payment considerations.

Does the doctor accept phone calls during the day?
Yes, patients can arrange for a telephone consultation with the doctor from 15 minutes to one hour. Concierge members have access to this feature at no additional cost. Non-concierge members will need to purchase telephone consultation packages. Please contact our center for details.

What kind of payments is accepted?
We accept Cash, Credit, Debit and Check payments. We also accept cards from Health Savings Account and offer and accept Care Credit.

Are supplements included free of charge with my visits?
No, supplements are paid for separately. Concierge members receive 10% discount on the purchases of all supplements.

What other services do you offer at the ARC?
We offer Laser treatments, BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies) and IV Nutrition. We also have Massage Therapy, a licensed Chiropractor and Personal Trainer as part of our stress management program. We also offer Zumba, Body Works and personal training classes at our onsite gym at very affordable prices, only $7.00 per session.

ANWAN Regenerative Center also has our own line of supplements that we sell. A complete list is available on our website. Please call our office at 678-822-9554 and we can review the various services with you and discuss payment options.